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Warren Co, KY

Warren Co, KY Order Book B
June 15, 1801 to January 1, 1805

September 20, 1801

November 16th 1801

December 1801

March 1802

October 1803

Warren Co, KY Tax List 1797-1805

Warren County Court of Quarter Sessions
Plaintiff Index to Cases 1797-1802

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To the Honorable, the Judge of the Warren Circuit Court , in Chancery, sitting humbly complaining therewith to your Honor, your Orators, John Booker and Nancy Booker, his Wife, said Nancy Booker, daughter and heir of said John Wallace, Jacob Smith and Polly Smith, his wife, said Polly Smith, late Polly Wallace, daughter and heir of said John Wallace, Melinda Smith, Peter Smith, George Smith, infants under the age of 21 years, heirs and representatives of John Smith who married Rebekah Wallace, daughter and heir of said John Wallace, dec'd, and Moses Wallace, John Wallace, and Thomas Wallace, all heirs and representatives of said first mentioned John Wallace, deceased, represents to your honor that at about the year 1801 said John Wallace , under whom your Orators claim purchased of a certain William Chapline , who has since accused a certain Ten Acres of land lying and being in Warren County ,State of Kentucky , laid off as your Orators believe in a Square form and out of a 231 acre survey of said William Chapline , said 10 acres as your Orators are informed lay between where Harry Butcher a freeman of colour now lives and where Jonathan Baker now lives . Your Orators are informed and believe that said John Wallace , under whom your Orators claim purchased said Ten acres of land , as of and paid an honest consideration therefore to wit 20 shillings per acre which was then and there by said John Wallace fully paid and satisfied. That said John Wallace had for some time possession, of said Ten acres, but that in about 3 or 5 years from that time said John Wallace departed this life. But your Orators represent that at the time said John Wallace made said purchase from said William Chapline, deceased, he took from him a Bond for a little to said 10 acres of land, yet your Orators represents that after the death of said John Wallace a certain Simon M. Hubbard whom your Orators makes a Defendant to this Bill by some fraudulent means, but your Orators believe without any good or valid consideration whatever, procured from said Margaret Wallace, widow and relict of said John Wallace, deceased, said Bond on said William Chapline, deceased, your Orators believe that on the death of said John Wallace said Bond came casually into the hands of said Widow and that said Simon M. Hubbard by his cunning and hand procured possession from her U----. Your Orators are informed and believe that Simon M. Hubbard left this County in a precipitate manner and has moved to Shawney Town in the Illinois Territory that he left together with other papers in his departure. This bond, in the possession of a certain George Bratton, whom your Orators make a Defendant to this bill and whom your Orators believe still claims possession of said Bond for the little of said 10 acres of land, your Orators state that they believe that said Bond states and sets out the meter and bounds of said 10 acres more fully and amply than they are now able to do that when produces they pray may be instructed for that purpose.

For as much as these things are contrary to equity and good conscience and lend manifest by to the injury and prejudice of your orators and for as much as your Orators can only have redress in your honorable court where matter of fraud are cognizable. Your Orators pray that said S. M. Hubbard may be compelled in from his ------- oath true and perfect answers to make to all and singular the allegations contained in this bill in fully as of the same were again set out to him by way of fraudulent intentions , and that he may answer to say what way he came in possession of said Bond? Who he purchased it of? What consideration he paid for it? And if he has it? If the has it - to produce it--That said Bratton may be compelled to shew how he came into possession of said Bond? If he has it to produce it in court and that he be informed from giving it out of his possession until it is produced in court. Your Orator also makes the --- of said William Chapline, deceased, Nancy Chapline, Helen M. Chapline and Amanda Chapline, infant heirs of said William Chapline, deceased defendants to this bill and require them by their proper guardians to answer this bill. Your Orators pray that upon the hearing of this cause said Hubbard or Bratton may be compelled to deliver up on said Bond and that the said Hubbard may be compelled to relinquish his fraudulent claim thereto. The said Heirs of said William Chapline , deceased, may be compelled to make to your Orators a good and sufficient title to said 10 acres of land and your Orators in duty bound will -------.

Robinson for the Complaintants

Wallace Heirs vs. Hubbard

Filed 14th day of April 1818

Margaret Wallace, widow and relict of John Wallace deceased.


ROBERT WALLACE (ca. 1750-1828), one of the founding fathers of Warren County, Kentucky, came to Fayette County, Kentucky, from Rockbridge County, Virginia, after the death of his father, John Wallace, in 1782, with his wife Sarah and their five children. Three children were born in Fayette County; then the family came to this area in about 1796, which was then Logan County.

By an act of the Kentucky Legislature on 14 Dec 1796, Warren County was to be formed from Logan County, effective March, 1797. At the house of Captain James Stuart on 7 March 1797, having commissions from governor James Garrard appointing them justices of the peace, the following were administered several oaths and held the first court of Warren county: Bailey Anderson, James Campbell, Phenias Cox, Price Curd, James Dougan, John Garnete, John Marshall, William Mars, George Moore, James Stuart and Robert Wallace.

Robert served in several capacities in county government, including deputy surveyor, appraiser of several estates, deputy sheriff, and in 1805 was appointed sheriff of Warren County by Governor Christopher Greenup. He was also approved by the county court in 1821 to operate a tavern on the stagecoach line to Glasgow.

Most of Robert’s children were married in Warren County. They are as follows:

source: Warren County, Kentucky Families. Submitted by Dr. Robert C. Wallace


Will of Robert Wallace of Warren County, Kentucky

In the name of God amen. I Robert Wallace of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky being now in reasonable health and sound mind and wishing to direct in what manner my estate now in my hands shall be disposed of. I wish no administration on my estate by any person, but for my children to meet and divide it among them all, but Rebecahs heirs Robert and Tabitha who has already got their share and more-when the divide is making I wish the others to be generous with Sarah who I think has got the least. I wish my negro man Rhuben to belong to John, William and Thomas and be counted in their shares and to have him years about or bind him to such other, and I by all means treat well for he is a good slave. My Dear children when I am dead, bury me decently. There is in my drawer more than sufficient for the purpose. There is $7.50 in silver and twenty dollars in United States paper besides twenty dollars I lent to William Wallace. There will be more than one bed apiece for you. I wish you to let John McMullen have one with the cloths, his mother was a good and faithful wife to me, and raised geese and made nearly all the beds and bed cloths on the place and I think it just and right to do as I request you to and I expect you will think so yourselves.

Signed: Robert Wallace

Warren County Court, February County Court 1828

This Instrument of writing was produced in Court and proved to be in the handwriting of Robert Wallace, Deceased except the signature at the bottom by the oaths of George Wellingham? And Peter Butler and ordered to record. Jon A Hobson Clerk


From "A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia, by Oren F. Morton, B Lit., published 1980

John Wallace d. 1782, marr. Rebekah, children: James, Rebekah (m. ___ Campbell), Robert

Lieutenant Governor and ------- Gabriel Slaughter, ESQ, GOVERNOR OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting:

KNOW YE, That by virtue and in consideration of a certificate number 2073 The State price paid without interest Granted by the Commons in 1798 agreeably---To our act of a assembly? For encouraging and mounting relief to Settlers. There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Abraham Viney , ---? Of Charles Simmons, Rowland Simmons, James Simmons, Gabriel ---? James Stringfield and Jno Wallace heirs and representatives of Peter Simmons deceased

A certain TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND, containing two hundred acres by Survey bearing date the Eighth day of August 1799 lying and being in the County of Warren on the waters of Alexanders Creek and bounded as followeth towith, Beginning on a black oak running S34 W179 poles is a stake thence S56 E179 poles to two Black Oaks thence N34 degrees E179 poles to a port Oak thence N56 degrees W 179 poles to the Beginning.

With its appurtenances: To have and to hold the said Tract or Parcel of Land with its appurtenances, to the said Abraham Viney and his heirs forever.

In Testimony Whereof, the said Gabriel Slaughter, Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, hath hereunto set his hand, and caused the seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Frankfort on the Seventeenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen and the commonwealth the twenty fifth.

By the Lieutenant Governor, Gabriel Slaughter

A Copy Test

JN M Foster

Abraham Viney

200 Acres

Warren County

Copy Grant


Fee 43 Cents


From Clark County, OH

Marriage Records, Clark County Probate



John Wallace d before 7 Feb 1856

Will probated 24 Aug 1857


1.James Wallace

2.Mary b abt 1820 m 23 Mar 1842 Samuell Hamlett

3.Thomas Wallace

4.John H Wallace

5.Joseph Wallace


George Wallace d 1869

Wife: Isabella


1.Lizzie Wallace

2.Clara Wallace

3.Eddie Wallace


Eleanor Wallace d 1877


1.Smith Wallace

2.Elizabeth Hicks

3.Paulina Hicks

4.Eleanor Hardacre

5.John Wallace

6.James H Wallace

7.Hugh M Wallace


Moses Wallace d abt 1868

Wife: Jane


1.James P Wallace

2.Eliza Jane Bechtle

3.Mary H Wallace

4.Joseph S Wallace

5.Sidney E Wallace


John W Wallace d 1845


George Wallace, Sara Wallace, Andrew Wilson, Isabella Wilson, Samuel Wallace, Rebecca Wallace, Nicholas Judy, Elizabeth Judy, Abraham Huffer, Sarah Huffer, David Wallace, William Zigler, Mary Zigler, ____ Mormon, Nancy Mormon

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