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Aaron, NC Line, R11062, sol lived in Wayne Co NC at enl, he appl 12 Mar 1833 in Hamilton Co OH aged about 74 years.

Adam, srv as a Capt in the VA Line, BLW #542-300, sol and his bros Capt Andrew Wallace and Lt James Wallace all 3 died while serving in the Rev Army, Adam was killed at a battle called "Burford's Defeat", his heirs (not named) rec'd his BLW on 28 Jan 1811.

Alexander or Alexander Sutherland, VA Line, Elizabeth, W6610, see Alexander Sutherland (I did not copy this yet)

Andrew, PA Line in the Rev War also Indian War service and US Army service, S3466, sol enl in Chester Co PA and later srv in 1785, 1786, 1791, he was at St Clair's Defeat and in Gen'l Wayne's battle of 1794 and later srv under Capt William Piatt and was disc 8 Apr 1811 at New Orleans having srv over 29 yrs in the military service, sol rec'd a disability pension from 8 Apr 1811 while a resident of Chester Co PA and in 1821 he moved to Ross Co OH and in 1822 moved to Frankfort KY and in 1821 he returned to Chester Co PA and in 1824 he had mved to the state of DE and in 1826 he returned to Chester Co PA where he applied 30 March 1833 at which time he was age of 103 yrs, sol d 22 Jan 1835 while on a visit to friends in NY leaving a widow Anna who in May 1835 was a resident of Upper Oxford in Chester Co PA, in 1835 one Charles Wallace was Postmaster at Russellville AP where sol's wid rec'd her mail but there was no relationship given.

Andrew, VA Line, BLW #543-000, sol and his bros Capt Adam Wallace and Lt James Wallace were all 3 killed while serving in the Rev Army, Andrew was killed at the battle of Guilford NC and his heirs who were not named rec'd his BLW on 28 Jan 1811, see his bro Adam Wallace BLW claim #542-300.

Caesar, BLW #3563-100-26 Jan 1796 assignee James A Nel, srv as a Pvt in the NH Line.

Caesar ( a man of colour), NH Line, S43250, appl 23 Apr 1818 Strafford Co NH aged about 80 however in 1820 sol stated he was age of about 90 with a wife Katy aged 72 and a daughter Lucy aged 27 who lived at home, sol was b in Africa, he had enl at Newbury MA

Charity, former widow, NJ Line, R11063, see John Spencer. ( I have not copied that yet.)

Charles, PA Line, Abigail, W2286, BLW #17716-160-55, sol was b about the middle of September 1760 in County Derry in Ireland and he lived in Chester Co PA at enlistment and he served with his father (not named) who was mortally wounded in 1778 and d in Philadelphia Co PA some 8 days later, sol appl 11 Dec 1832 in Chester Co PA and sol d there 15 May 1842, sol had m Abigail Hollowell 4 Oct 1810 in Chester Co PA and she applied there 16 March 1853 aged 80 and she d 1 Apr 1858 at the home of her son George A. Wallace at Enterprise in Lancaster Co PA, a son William Q. Wallace was also reffered to.

Cornelius, NY Line, S17470, BLW #26520-160-55, sol was a son of John Wallace or Wallis and was b 20 Apr 1764 at Mamakating in Ulster Co NY and he lied there with his father (who also srv in the Rev) at enl and after his service sol lived at Mamakating NY until 1796 except for 1 yr he lived at Marcellus NY then moved to Pompey in Onondaga Co NY where he appl 11 Sep 1832, he appl for BLW in 1855 in Orange Co NY, in 1851 one Reuben Wallis was of Orange Co NY but no relationship to sol was stated.

Ebenezer, sol's name appeared on a list of applications for invalid pension returned by VT to the House of Reps on 21 Feb 1795 at which time he lived at Marlborough VT

Ebenezer, MA Line, Fanny, W6409, BLW #1815-100, sol appl 6 May 1818 Jefferson Co NY aged 53, sol married Fanny Cole 7 Jun 1807 at Marlboro in Windham Co VT, sol d 13 Nov 1842 at Ellisburgh in Jefferson Co NY and his wid appl there 21 Jul 1853 aged 62, in 1820 sol had referred to 6 children at home; Daniel, Stephen, Charles, Mary Ann, Betsey and Louisa with the oldest being age of 13, in 1853

Ebenezer, MA Line, Fanny, --- widow stated she had 4 children by sol; Mary Ann aged 45 and who married Richmond Walker and lived at Brownville NY in 1853, Charles R., aged 43 and lived at Ellisburgh NY in 1853, Betsey aged 40 and who m Philip Baldwin and lived in Marquette Co WI and Louisa aged 38 and whomarried John Esterbrooks and lived in Marquette Co MI in 1853. (my note: I know one says Marquette Co WI and one says Marquette Co MI, but that is how it is in the book.)

Edward, VA Line, S3469, appl 4 May 1833 Carter Co TN, sol was b in 1755 in Brunswick Co VA and he lived there at enlistment.

George, NC Line, Jane, W11741, BLW #406911-160-55, sol appl 16 Nov 1818 Pitt Co NC aged 57 or 58, sol married Jane Drake in Jul 1826 in Edgecombe Co NC, a copy of sol's will is in the file dated 12 Apr 1836 in Pitt Co NC in which he names; his wife Jane, a son Warren Wallace, a son George W. Wallace, a son Wilie Wallace, a daughter Welthy Harrell, grandchildren: Lucinda Mooring, Martha Jane and Churchill Patrick, sol d in Oct 1840, wid appl 26 Feb 1856 in Edgecombe Co NC aged 67.

George, PA Line, S6326, appl 26 Jun 1834 Allegheny Co PA, sol was b in 1749 in Ireland and he lived in Chester Co PA at enlistment and in 1799 he moved to Allegheny Co PA.

Gustavus B., srv as a Lt Col in the VA Line, BLW #2422-450-13 Dec 1791 to Francis Greaves, no papers.

Hannah, former widow, PA Line, W18260, see Thomas Neal (did not copy)

Hugh, VA Line, S41306, sol lived in Lunenburg Co VA at enl, sol rec'd a disability pension from 1 Jan 1782, in 1787 he was aged about 40, he reapplied 22 Sep 1818 in Lunenburg Co VA and stated he was aged 75 and had lived there over 58 years, in 1819 sol was referred to as Hugh Wallace, Sr., in 1820 sol had a wife and 3 daughters aged 50, 48 and 40 but no names were given.

Isaac H., VT Line, R11065, sol was b in 1761 in Bennington Co VT and he lived in said Co until 1818 then moved to Huron Co OH and in 1831 moved to Lorain Co OH where he appl in May 1832.

Jacob, NY Line, S23474, sol was b in 1759 at Salem in Westchester Co NY and he lived there in the part that became North Salem NY until 1800 then moved to Saratoga Co NY and in 1828 he moved to Onondaga Co NY where he lived when he appl 11 Sep 1832.

James, RI Line, S38979, appl 18 Apr 1818 Newport Co RI aged 67 and he had lived there at enlistment.

James, SC Line, S19145, sol was b 12 Sept 1750 in Cumberland Co PA and he moved to SC in 1766 and he lived in York Dist SC and enl and he appl there 20 Oct 1832 and sol d there 8 Nov 1838 leaving a widow Mary and she died in York Dist SC on 14 Sep 1843 leaving children; Robert Bratern and J.M. Wallace, the son J.M. Wallace was exc'r of her estate on 21 May 1846 in York Dist SC, it was stated in Feb 1855 that sol's son Major Milton Wallace was alive in York Dist SC on 10 Jan 1855 according to an A.S. Wallace.

James, VA Line, BLW claim, see papers in the claim of his bother Adam Wallace, BLW#542-300.

James, served as a surgeon in the VA Line, BLW #2425-400-27 Mar 1794 to Wm. B. Wallace exc'r, no papers.

James, (a man of colour), VA Line, S7834, sol lived in James City Co VA at enl and he appl there 13 Aug 1832 aged 75.

James, VA Line, S9519, sol lived in Lunenburg Co VA at enl, appl 21 Nov 1832 in Halifax Co VA aged 71


James, VA Line, S38458, appl 11 Jun 1818 Madison Co VA aged 71, sol enl in Culpeper Co VA, in 1820 sol had a wife "nearing his own age".

James, VA Line (PA), Sarah, R11072, sol appl 15 May 1833 Allegheny Co PA aged 80, sol lived in what was then Youghiojenia Co VA at enl (I believe this later became a part of PA), sol married Sarah (--) 9 Oct 1842 and sol died 5 November 1843, widow applied 20 March 1855 in Greene Co PA aged 75 years.

John, CT Line, S22031, sol was born 22 Sep 1750 at Townsend in Middlesex Co MA and he lied at Sommers in Tolland Co CT at enlistment and in 1786 he mvoed to Bethel in Windsor Co VT where he appl 24 Aug 1832

John, MA Line, S11690, sol was b in 1760 at Woodstock CT and he lived at Sutton in Worcester Co MA at enl and afterwards moved to Windsor MA then moved to Greene in Chenango Co NY where he appl 30 July 1832, sol d in Jun 1840.

John or John Wallis, MA Line, S33214, appl 8 Apr 1818 at Rochester in Plymouth Co Ma, in 1821 sol was aged 72 with a wife Eunice aged 63 and a daughter Abigail aged 21 living at home.

John, NH Line, Mary, W25901, sol was b in 1756 in the part of Amherst that became Milford in Hillsborough Co NH and he lived there at enl and he appl there 17 Aug 1832, he also served as a sub for his brother Joseph Wallace who made aff'dt in 1832 at Milford MA aged 78 years, the Rev Sol John Wallace married Mary Bradford 12 Sep 1780 both were of Amherst MA, on 21 Aug 1838 a son William Wallace aged 37 made aff'dt and stated he was 1 of the nearest relatives of his mother Mary Wallace who was mentally disabled and he stated his father John Wallace died 23 July 1834, one George Raymond aged 54 a resident of Hillsborough Co NH stated in 1838 that he married a daughter of sol and widow but did not give her name.

John, NH Line, Phebe, W27852, BLW #80012-160-55, sol married Phebe Stickney 23 Oct 1788 at Londonderry NH and she was b 29 Nov 1770 at Pembroke NH, sol was b 13 Jun 1757 at Londonderry NH and he d 4 Jun 1837, their children were; John Prentice Wallace b 5 Mar 1789 at Londonderry, Hannah Thornton Wallace b 19 May 1791 at Thornton NH, Rebecca Kimball Wallace b 25 Oct 1793, Phebe b in May 1791 and d at age of 9 days at Thornton NH, Phebe 2nd b 8 Mar 1801, Lemuel b 21 Oct 1805, also shown were; Hannah Sanborn b 6 May 1813, Alexander Woodmand b 27 Aug 1800, Hannah Thornton Wallace married Samuel Demerit 16 Jul 1819, Rebecca Kimball Wallace married John Vincent 25 Dec 1815, John Prentice Wallace died 26 Dec 1824, Samuel Demerit died 21 March 1838 aged 57 years 3 months, Phebe S. Wallace married Alexander Woodman 21 February 1830, Lemuel S. Wallace married Harriet Page 19 April 1832, Daniel E. Brown b. 6 Apr 1817, there were 15 pages of sol's Rev diary in the file, widow applied 6 Feb 1856 at Thornton in Grafton Co NH, an Elizabeth (Patterson) Baker of Sandbornton NH aged 66 made aff'dt 24 Sep 1857 that sol's father's children were; William, James, John, Hannah and Catharine and that Hannah died unmarried, James and William moved west and lived for a time in Canada and both were deceased in 1857, Catharine married a Mr. Cox and died at Holderness NH and the Rev soldier John Wallace who married Phebe Stickney, wid's sis Polly Cummings of Berlin in Washington Co VT made aff'dt 16 May 1857 and a William Cummings and William W. Cadwell were witnesses to her aff'dt, sol's son Lemuel S. Wallace of Thornton NH made aff'dt 28 Aug 1857, one William W. Cox of Holderness NH aged 62 had known sol and his family very well but no relationship was given, sol's father was referred to as Lt. William Wallace.

John, NH Line, BLW #1784-100, sol died at Sandwich NH about 1813 and on 5 Oct 1831 his sons; William, Levi, Thomas, David, John and Tufton Wallace made application in Fayette Co OH.

John, NC Line, S32562, sol was b 22 Dec 1758, he lived in Sullivan Co NC which later became a part of TN at enlistment and afterwards lived 25 years in Blount Co TN then moved to Bibb Co AL where he appl 14 Aug 1832, sol d 18 Jun 1847, a son Matthew Wallace was of Centerville in Bibb Co AL in 1857.

John or John Wallice, NC Line, Mary, W6410, sol married Mary daughter of Thomas Burnett in 1790, sol died in 1803 aged 60 in Wake Co NC and his widow applied there 22 May 1845 aged 78, a Mrs. Rhoda Perry aged 69 made aff'dt 15 Jul 1845 in Granville Co NC and had been at sol's and wid's wedding, on 15 Aug 1853 an Elizabeth Perry aged 61 stated her mother Mary Wallace died 22 Aug 1848 leaving only 1 surviving child which was her, to wit; Mrs. Elizabeth Perry of Wake Co NC

John, NC Line, Frances, W25897, BLW #18209-160-55, sol enl in Duplin Co NC, sol was born in America, he appl 21 Oct 1830 in Owen Co IN aged 80 and sol d there 25 Aug 1834, sol married Mrs. Frances Meadows the widow of Isam Meadows who died about 1811 and his widow married sol in 1812 or 1813 or 1814, (all three are shown) in TN and she stated she was b in Anson Co NC and that her mother was Sally Rhory and her father was --?-- Alsop and sol's wid applied 1 Apr 1853 in Green Co IN aged about 69, wid stated both she and sol were living in Knox Co KY when they were married and that their 5 children were all born there and the children in 1853 were; Isaac and John Wallace of Newton Co MO, Elias H. Wallace of Hopkins Co TX, Angus Ross Wallace of Butler or Ripley Co MO and Eli Hubbard Wallace of green Co IN, the youngest was Eli Hubbard Wallace who was aged 28 in 1853, sol's children by a former wife, (not named) were ; Ellin, Mary, John and George Washington Wallace, wid applied for BLW 4 May 1588 in Green Co IN, aged 74?, on 9 Aug 1853 Lewis A. Meadows and Eli Wallace made a joint aff'dt in Green Co IN and stated they were wid's children, wid's son Mordecai Meadows aged 50 made aff'dt in f30 Dec 1853 in Morgan Co AL and stated his father Isam Meadows died in Giles Co TN in 1811 and his m about 1814 to John Wallace in Knox Co TN, wid stated her parents were never married and that she m Isam Meadows in Anson Co NC where she was born, wid stated she and sol were m in Jan about 1812 and she referred to John Meadows, Isom Meadows and a daughter Edy Meadows, Isiah Meadows and James Lasley all living between the Cumberland River and Jellico Creek as being at her wedding and she stated she and sol afterwards moved to Wayne Co KY and there had 5 children and she also referred to Mobley Meadows of near Salem IA but no kinship was given.

John, SC Line, S9517, sol was b 5 Mar 1762 at a place called the "Haw Fields" of VA and he lived in Laurens Co SC at enlistment and he lived in SC for a few years after the Rev then moved to Buncombe Co NC and about 1838 he moved to Haywood Co NC where he appl 8 Jun 1844, sol d 27 May 1848 leaving children; Mary O. Brookshire, Catherine Gray, Nancy Wallace, Casa or Cora Miller, Sally Stuart, Sophia Wallace and Thomas Wallace who were all living in 1851.

John, SC Line, S17178, sol was b in 1746 in the state of PA an he lived in York Co SC at enl, in 1817 sol moved to MO and in 1820 he settled in Ray Co MO where he appl 5 Aug 1833, sol had srv with his cousin Capt John Wallace, during the Rev sol moved to Abbeville SC.

John, SC Line, Sarah Locke former wid, W955, sol married Sarah McCartny in Nov 1789 and sol d 15 Nov 1804 and a short time afterwards his wid married Frank Locke who died less that 2 years after they were married, widow applied 24 Nov 1838 in Rutherford Co TN aged 83, wid stated sol was a native of PA and had moved to York Co SC before the start of the Rev and was some 50 years of age at the start of the Rev and had served as a Major in the Militia before the British came into SC and he served with his cousin Capt James Wallace, wid died 3 Mar 1839 leaving children; Jonathan Wallace, John McCartney and Mary Killough aged 69 who was adm'x of wid's estate in Oct 1848 in Rutherford Co TN, a Samuel Killough of Rutherford Co TN made aff'dt 20 Nov 1838 and stated he was b in 1763 and had lived with his father some 4 miles from Major John Wallace of York Co SC but he did not state a relationship..

John, SC Line, BLW rej #227462-1855, sol's wid Esther Wallace appl 18 Aug 1855 in York Dist SC aged 90, sol had married Esther Patten on 13 May 1787 and sol d 25 Jun 1814 in York Dist SC

Joseph, NH Line, S44008, appl 4 Apr 1818 at Milford in Hillsborough Co NH aged 64, in 1820 sol had a wife aged 67 and referred to 2 daughters; Margaret aged 34 "sick for 7 yrs" and Martha aged 24 who took care of her mother and sister, sol also referred to a son with 2 small children who all lived with him and also referred to another son aged 28 who assisted him and they all lived in a house belonging to sol's brother James Wallace.

Joshua or Joshua Wallis, SC Line, Elizabeth, W11721, BLW Reg #204730-1855, sol ma Elizabeth (Brewer) Onan the widow of Peter Onan on 23 Dec 1831 in Franklin Co KY, sol was b in 1761 in County Tyrone in Ireland and he lived in Abbeville Co SC at enl, he appl 28 Dec 1833 in Henry Co Ky having lived there since 1805 and he died there 27 Feb or 1 Mar 1847 (both dates are shown) and his widow applied there 16 Mar 1853 aged 57 however in 1869 she gave her age as 66, widow died 20 Aug 1870, sol's 1st wife was not named.

Josiah, MA Line, S35696, appl 7 Apr 1818 at Harrington in Washington Co MA (ME), sol enl at Cape Elizabeth MA (ME), in 1820 sol was aged 62 with children at home; Mary 15, John 13 and Cynthia aged 9, sol died 22 Jan 1830.

Josiah, MA Line, Nancy, W22500, BLW #18384-160-55, soldier married Miss Nancy Whaling 28 Jul 1792 both were of Georgetown in Lincoln Co MA (ME) during the Rev, sol's son William Wallace, Jr. made aff'dt 28 Jul 1845 at Philpsburg ME and stated his father Josiah Wallace served as a sub for a brother Wm. Wallace and he also referred to another uncle by the name of Samuel Wallace who served in the Rev, sol's twin brother William Wallace made aff'dt at Phipsburg in Lincoln Co ME in 1845 aged 92, one Rhoda Wallace aged 86 and the wife of sol's brother William Wallace made aff'dt in 1845, sol's widow applied for BLW in 1855 in Sagadahoc Co ME aged 95?

Levi, SC Line, Jannett, W4528, sol lived in York Dist SC at enl, sol married Jannett or Jennet Hodge 18 Jun 1782 in York Dist SC and sol d 2 May 1825 in Jackson Co GA and his widow applied 4 Jan 1837 Newton Co GA aged 72, sol and wid had raised a large family of children but no names where shown in the claim.

London or London Wallis, CT Line, Phoebe Freeman , former widow W18290, widow applied 6 Oct 1842 at Windsor in Hartford Co CT aged 80, sol had married Phoebe (--) 7 Dec 1786 and they had 1 son Joseph Wallace who died 19 Dec 1824 aged 38, sol died about 1791 and his widow married 2nd to John Freeman who died 26 Dec 1835, wid and 2nd husband had a son George Freeman born in 1793 and a son Andrew Freeman born 6 Jun 1803, one Origin Griswold made aff'dt 1 Nov 1842 at Windsor CT and stated wid's 2nd husband John Freeman had at his (Origin's) home and that Phoebe Freeman was living with him in 1842 but no relationship was given.

Nathaniel, NY Line, a daughter Lucy Halle made application on W29797, she rec'd a pension in 1890 at which time she lived at Lansing MI and was then aged about 67 and was sol's only surviving child and she died 2 Oct 1894.

Oliver, VA Line, Mary, W22543, sol applied 5 Oct 1832 Warren Co OH, sol was b 14 Feb 1763 in Shenandoah Co the part that became Rockingham Co VA and he lived there where he enl and at which time he was bound out to Thomas Lookey and srv as a sub for James Lookey the son of Thomas Lookey and he also referred to an Elijah Russell a bro-in-law of said James Lookey, sol married Mary (--) 14 Sep 1783 and sol d 30 Nov 1842 and his widow applied 23 Feb 1844 in Edgar Co IL aged 78, sol's and wid's oldest child was John Wallace and other children referred to were: Thomas, William, Sarah and one that was dec'd in 1844, a John Wallace ( who appeared to be sol's son) made aff'dt in Warren Co OH in "1844?" aged past 60 years and stated sol and wife had lived in TN where he was born and that when he was age of 8 they moved to KY for 16 years then moved to Warren Co OH for 10 years then moved to IL and he stated he lived the "family of Oliver and Mary Wallace" for 30 years and that their son Thomas Wallace was born in KY.

Richard, CT and VT Lines, S46659, sol was b in 1753 in Nova Scotia and had left there before he could remember and he lived at Exeter CT when he went to Thetford VT to attend school in the fall of 1775 and he had lived there since and he applied there 24 Jul 1832.

Samuel, MA Line, Dorcas, W25872, sol m Dorcas Day 13 Nov 1770 both were of Georgetown in Lincoln Co MA (ME) and she was b at Phipsburg MA (ME), sol d in Jul 1824 aged 82, wid appl 4 Aug 1846 at Phipsburg in Lincoln Co ME aged 98, wid died 3 Dec 1846 aged 100 years? Leaving children who on 22 Jun 1852 were; Elvira Wallace aged 58 of Phipsburg ME and Frances Blasdell also a daughter Patience Darling who died 27 May 1852.

Samuel, NC Line, S7843, appl 20 Aug 1832 Rowan Co NC aged 92 and he had lived there at enl, sol died 9 Mar 1842 and sol's wife Polly Wallis (as shown) had died 5 Jun 1838, sol and wife had married in 1779 in Rowan Co NC and their Nancy Carrell aged 74 signed p.o.a. on 6 Jun 1853 in Cherokee Co NC

Samuel or Samuel Wallis, SC Line, Kesiah, W6408, BLW #27579-160-55, sol appl 13 Feb 1834 in Jackson Co TN aged 74, sol had enl in York Co SC and after the Rev he enl against the Indians in Wilkes Co GA, sol was b 14 or 15 Sep 1760 in York Co SC and afterwards moved with his father (not named) to GA then moved to IL then moved to Rutherford Co TN then moved to Jackson Co TN, sol m Kesiah Hardcastle in Apr or May 1815 in Apr 1816 (both dates by wid), sol died 1 Nov 1843, widow applied 26 Feb 1853 in Greene Co IL aged 58 and she appl there for BLW on 16 Mar 1855 aged about 62?, sol's sons Robert and Benjamin Wallace made aff'dt 21 Mar 1853 in Jersey Co IL and stated their father married Kesiah Hardcastle.

Samuel, VA Line, Lilly Ann, R11071, sol appl 13 Sep 1842 Bartholomew co IN, sol was b 19 Feb 1761 in Albemarle Co VA and he lived there at enl and after the Rev he lived in GA for 8 years then moved to KY for 12 years then moved to IN, he referred to Andrew Wallace as "1 of his officers", sol married Lilly Ann (--) 2 Mar 1831 in Bartholomew Co IN and sol died there 4 Dec 1843 and his wid appl 10 Feb 1851 aged 62.

Thomas, NC Line, S39116, he appl 4 Apr 1821 in Horry Dist SC aged 67 and he had a wife Lucy aged 55.

Thomas, NC Line, Rebecca, W11739, sol lived in Mecklenburg Co NC at enl, sol married Rebecca (--) 13 May 1770, sol died 1 or 19 Apr 1830 as stated by witnesses or 28 Apr 1830 as shown offiially in Morgan Co AL records and was referred to as formerly of Lincoln Co GA, wid appl 27 Mar 1839 in Morgan Co AL aged 90 and she d there 4 Sep 1840 as shown in the new Providence Church records in Morgan Co AL or on 1 Sept 1841 as stated by her son Joel Wallace (who was adm'r of her estate) and other witnesses, widow died leaving children; Joel Wallace who was age of 80 in 1852 and lived in Morgan Co AL, Thomas Wallace who made aff'dt in Morgan Co AL, William Wallace and Ruth Wallace who died unmarried prior to 1852, in 1839 a Thomas Wallace testified in Morgan Co AL that he knew Capt Thomas Wallace well but did not state a relationship to sol, in 1839 a John Wallace of Bibb Co AL stated he knew the Rev sol Thomas Wallace for 70 years prior to his death and had served with him in the Rev Army but did not state a kinship to him. Wallace family data as shown in the claim: Thomas b in Mar 17?? "torn off", Susannah b 2 Jul 1776, -?-bert b 9 -?-mber 1794, James b 11 Feb 1797, Rebeccah b 2 Mar 1800, Lesebeth b 16 Nov 1801, Sarah b 9-?-ember 1805, Abraham b 24 May 1807, Thomas b 25 Sep 1809, Abigail b 29 Apr 1811, William Ayrs Wallace b 6 Sep 1813, Susan b 9 Feb 1816, Feilding b 3 Aug 1811, Augustus b 3 mar 1801, Charles b 15 Apr 1804 and also shown was Jean Ashly b 8 May 1811.

Thomas, BLW #10590-100-14 Feb 1791 assignee Alexander Power, served as a Pvt in the PA Line

Uriah, NY Line, Fanny, W25907, BLW # 9456-160-55. Sol married Fanny (--) 21 Jun 1784 at North Salem in Westchester Co NY and sol had lived in said Co at enl, sol died 24 Feb 1812 at Sing Sing NY and his widow applied 1 Apr 1839 in NY city NY aged 73 on 19 Jan 1839 and she applied there for BLW on 16 Apr 1855 and a Minerva Clough and Minerva A. Johnson were witnesses to her BLW application.

Weymouth, NH Line, S43240, sol's name appeared on a list of claimants for invalid pension returned by NH to the House of Reps on 14 Dec 1792 and in 1794 he was living at Epsom HN, he reapplied 25 Apr 1818 at Sandwich in Strafford Co NH aged 67 and he had living with him a daughter Sally Wallace aged 29 and grandchildren; Levina Mooney aged 21 and a grandson (not named) aged 8 years.

William or William Wallis, Cont Line (CT), Sarah, W18277, sol m Sarah Holton 25 Dec 1782 at Ellington in Tolland Co CT and sol applied there (was then in Hartford Co CT) on 4 Apr 1818, in 1820 sol was aged 62 at which time he referred to children; Susannah 34 and Betsey aged 18 also to a granddaughter Amsuda aged 8 years, sol d 17 May 1836 at Ellington CT and his wid applied there 14 Aug 1838 aged 81.

William, MA Line, Rhoda, R1070, sol m Rhoda Blethin or Beithen 29 Dec 1778 both were of Georgetown in Lincoln Co MA (ME), sol d 28 Feb 1846, wid applied 12 Apr 1846 at Phipsburgh in Lincoln Co ME aged 86, a son Absalom Wallace aged 62 made aff'dt 2 Mar 1852 at Phipsburgh ME and stated his mother Rhoda "Roddy" Wallace d 4 Dec 1851 leaving children: Absalom, William, Levi, Jesse and Uriah Wallace, Amorial Johnson, Rhoda Wallace, Mary McIntire, Charlotte and Meriam Wallace.

William, BLW #8005-100-24 Jul 1790 assignee John Lawrence, srv as a Pvt in the NY line

William, NY Line, S11656, sol was b in 1748 or 1759 at Little Brittain in Orange Co NY and he lived at Montgomery in Orange Co NY age enl and after the Rev he lived at Genoa NY then moved to Hector in Tompkins Co NY where he appl 3 Oct 1832. (my note: this is exactly how paragraph is in book).

William, NY Line, S26849, sol reapplied 4 Apr 1818 in Montgomery Co NY and stated he had rec'd a Rev War pension of $8 per month since 1808, in 1820 sol was aged 69 with a wife aged 44 and a "boy" aged 9 and a daughter aged 3 years, sol d 25 Jan 1837 leaving no widow but left 1 child named John Wallace who made aff'dt 4 Aug 1854 in Fulton Co NY aged 71 years.

William, NC Line, S7820, sol was b 5 Jun 1761 in York Co PA and he lived with his father in Mecklenburg Co NC at enl, sol appl 10 Oct 1832 in Cabarrus Co NC.

William, PA Line, S3470, sol was b 4 Feb 1760 in what became Dauphin Co PA, sol lived in Cumberland Co PA at enl and after the Rev he lived in Cumberland, Perry, Mifflin and Juniata Co's, all in PA, he applied 6 Dec 1832 in Juniata Co PA.

William PA Line, S7827, sol was b in 1750 in County Tyrone in Ireland and he came to America in 1775 and he lived in Westmoreland Co PA at enl, sol referred to his age as being recorded in a Bible given to his father by his grandfather in Scotland but was burned by the Indians, sol applied 26 Nov 1833 in Westmoreland Co PA

William, PA Line, Mary, R11069, sol m Mary Miller 12 Jul 1787, sol appl 12 Oct 1832 Washington Co PA aged 74 and he had lived in York Co PA at enl, sol d 18 Jul 1842, wid appl 30 Jun 1847 in Guernsey Co OH aged 82 and wid died there 7 Apr 1847 leaving children; Oliver, John C. and William Wallace, Mary Johnston, Nancy Henry, Rebecca Barton and Thomas Wallace and all were living on 1 Oct 1853 except the son William Wallace who had died, children's births that where legible were; Moses b 20 Apr 1788, Oliver b 12 Mar 1790,, Joseph b 16 Mar 1792, John b 30 Sep 1794, William b 21 Jan 1797 and d 13 Oct 1797, William 2nd b 20 Oct 1798, Mary b 5 Jul 1801, Nancy b 4 Oct 1806 and Thomas b 17 Feb 1809, sol's son William Wallace had made aff'dt 10 Jul 1847 in Guernsey Co OH, sol and wife had married in Alleghany Co PA, sol died in Guernsey Co OH and widow died there at the home of a son-in-law Robert Barton, Sol's son William Wallace died 19 Dec 1852 and the son Moses Wallace had died 16 May 1818.

William, SC Line, Ruth, W8980, sol's brother McCasland Wallace made aff'dt 7 Apr 1847 in York Dist SC, sol m Ruth (--) in Jun 1775 in York Dist SC and sol died 3 Mar 1800 and his wid applied 12 May 1846 in Rutherford Co NC aged 89.

William B., VA Line (Arty), S42612, BLW #2441-200-27 Mar 1794, sol rec'd $400.00 per annum under the Act of 15 May 1828 at which time sol lived in KY, sol died 21 Jun 1833, heirs were referred to in 1837.


John or John Wallace or Wallis, MA Line, Hannah, W2709, BLW #6402-160-55, sol lived at Colrain MA at enl, sol appl in 1827 in Grafton Co NH and he reapplied there 15 Aug 1832 aged 70, sol married Hannah Persons of Guildfort VT on 29 November 1787 at which time sol was of Colrain MA, sol was b in 1763 at Colrain MA, wid's name before marriage may have been Hannah Parsons, sol died 8 Jan 1851 at Franconia in Grafton Co NH and his wid appl there 20 Jan 1852 at which time she was living with a son Reuben Wallace and wid appl there for BLW on 24 Mar 1855 and an Anna Wallace was witness to both of wid's applications.

John or John Wallis, MA Line, R21796, sol was b 28 Apr 1764 at Georgetown MA (ME) the part that later became Phipsburgh in Lincoln Co ME and he lived there at enl and he appl there 28 Aug 1833.

Wallice, John or John Wallace, NC Line, Mary, W6410, see John Wallace.


Benjamin or Benjamin Wallace, NH Line, S44003, appl 24 Apr 1818 Strafford Co NH aged 55 however on 1 Jan 1821 he gave his age as 56? With a wife aged 60 and a son Benjamin who was "non compos mentis" and a daughter Hannah Wallace (as written) also lived at home.

Benjamin, NC Line, S32571, sol was b 12 Jan 1758 in Caswell Co NC and he lived there at enl, he appl 23 Apr 1834 in Lee Co VA and in 1837 he moved to Rush Co IN to be with his children (no names given).

Curwin, MD Line, widow Thankful, W25915, sol m Thankful Bennet of Leominster MA on 28 Nov 1782 at which time sol was of Fitzwilliam NH, sol appl 11 Aug 1832 Washington Co VT, sol was b in Apr 1759 at Lunenburg in Worcester Co MA and he lived there at enl and in 1783 he moved to Fitzwilliam NH for 13 years then moved to Duxbury in Washington Co VT, sol d 3 Nov 1833, wid appl 19 Sep 1838 at Duxbury VT aged 80, sol's bro Ebenezer Wallis aged 66 made aff'dt 11 Aug 1832 at Ashburnham MA and referred to another bro David Wallis who had also served in the Rev and lived at Ashburnham MA and referred to another bro David Wallis who had also served in the Rev and lived at Ashburnham MA in 1832.

David, MA Line, S30767, appl 1 Jan 1833 at Ashburnham in Worcester Co MA, sol was b in Oct 1760 at Leominster MA and about 1803 he moved to Ashburnham MA, sol's bro Ebenezer Wallis made aff'dt 10 Oct 1832 at Ashburnham MA

Ebenezer, MA Line, S30773, sol was b 11 Apr 1766 at Lunenburg MA and he lived there at enl and in 1801 he moved to Chester VT and in 1829 he moved to Ashley then moved to Ashburnham in Worcester Co MA where he appl 14 Aug 1832, in Sep 1835 sol started on a visit to a son who was a physician at Baldwinville NY and sol died while on the trip, in 1847 an inquiry was made by Phebe Wallace (as written) of Fitchburgh MA (she signed as Phebe Wallace) but her relationship to sol was not given.

Hammond, CT and NY Lines, Rebecca, R11086, sol was b at Preston in New London Co CT and he lived there until age of 26 then moved to Shaftsbury VT where he married Rebecca (--) 18 Mar 1779 and she was b in 1761 (she stated when she and sol married she was age of 17 yrs 5 mths 10 days and sol was the age of 27 years in Apr 1779), sol and wife lived at Shaftsbury VT until 1780 then moved to Little Hoosick NY where they lived when he enl, sol d 23 Jun 1822 at Plattsburg NY, wid appl 18 Mar 1837 at Plattsburg NY, wid was b 8 Oct 1761, a son Hammond Wallis of Plattsburg NY made aff'dt 24 June 1837, family data only partially legible; the oldest daughter Lucinda was b 4 May 1780, a son William was b 15 Apr 1785 and d 7 May 1785, a daughter Hannah was b 16 May 178? (the rest was too dim to read).

Henry, MA Line, Sabra, W19586, sol was b 23 Sep 1758 in Worcester Co MA and he lived at Colrain MA until age of 38 then moved to Burlington in Otsego Co NY for 2 years then moved to Chenango Co NY for 5 years then moved to Cayuga Co NY for 7 yrs then moved to Perry in Genesse Co NY in 1816 and he appl there in 1832, sol's brother Hugh Wallis aged 65 made aff'dt in 1832 at Pembroke in Genesse Co NY, sol married Sabra Dodge 9 Dec 1784 and sol's wid stated her bro Stephen H. Dodge who was of Cazenovia in Madison Co NY in 1840 made a record of their marriage, sol d 1 Feb 1840 at Castile in Genese

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